The Importance of Service Excellence and How to Achieve it

The front office is generally more customer- and service excellence-focused than the back office. Even in Singapore Airlines, the cost squeeze was less intense when related to in-flight service excellence and cabin crew—all of whom had extensive training, reasonable travel allowances, and expensive uniforms. In the back office, Singapore Airlines drove distributed innovation throughout the organization. As these departments were largely not customer-facing, their focus tended to be on cutting costs. But again, potential customer impact was always considered so that service excellence would not be compromised (Heracleous and Wirtz 2010, 2014). That is, the front and back office are both customer-centric and cost-conscious at the same time, and the cost- and service excellence-foci differs only in degree and not in substance.

That is, “everything is built integrally into the machine itself, into the technology of the system” (Levitt 1972, p. 46). Three of our case organizations pursued a focused service factory strategy (i.e., Narayana Health, Shouldice Hospital, and JetBlue). However, the service OM literature is typically not concerned specifically with service excellence, and these generic productivity strategies in themselves do not necessarily lead to service excellence. Integrating these two literatures, one can argue that a dual culture strategy allows organizations to drive these generic productivity tools to the extreme (Heracleous and Wirtz 2010, 2014).

What is Service Excellence? And Why it is Important & excellent

The first main category is an organization strategy which we termed dual culture strategy. It focuses an entire organization on the simultaneous pursuit of service excellence and productivity. The third is a focused service factory strategy that achieves CESE through a highly specialized operation. These approaches are described in the remainder of this article in the context of their respective literatures.

  • All too often, companies think excellence comes only from introducing frameworks and templates.
  • Dr. Devi Shetty, founder and chairman of Narayana Health, explained, “The notion that ‘if you want quality, you have to pay for it’ went out the window a long time ago at Narayana Health” (Global Health and Travel 2014, p. 44).
  • Your customers talk about your business for free, saving advertisement costs and increasing ROI and profits.
  • For example, if several players pursue a focused service factory strategy, an additional dual culture strategy may be required to achieve cost leadership.

When a business consistently provides high-quality service, customers are more likely to view it as a reliable and trustworthy provider. This helps build and strengthen long-term relationships with customers and creates a loyal customer base. If the customer trusts the company and brand, they will also probably grow to like you. This often leads to enhanced opportunities for organic growth of the business relationship and even new business partnerships with the client.

Building a service excellence culture into your organization

In fact, productivity improvements frequently bring with them quality improvements at the same time. For instance, if customer service processes are redesigned to be leaner, faster, and more convenient by eliminating non-value-adding work steps, then both productivity and customer satisfaction improve concurrently (Rust et al. 2016). These are the initial types of quick wins every process redesign or lean six sigma initiative likes to pursue. These strategies keep the current business model unchanged and adopt best practices to achieve the same output—a largely unchanged customer experience—with less input.

service excellence marketing excellence definition

And if you’re not familiar with these tests for a strong strategy, get in touch and I’ll send you more details of my published work in this area. With this growth in interest comes a corresponding growth in the misapplication of the archetype and confusion with other sourcing models, said Ewan McIntyre, research director, Gartner for Marketers. To effectively leverage this organizational model, it helps to understand what a COE is and when to establish one. Sixty-nine percent of marketers plan to have an analytics Center of Excellence (COE) by 2017, according to the Gartner Data-Driven Marketing Survey. COEs are not exclusive to analytics — they exist across a range of marketing capabilities including social, search engine marketing and digital commerce.


Using the Freshdesk email outreach feature you can proactively send an email informing customers about a problem they are facing before they contact you. You can also address the mail separately to each customer using placeholders to add that personal touch. With an all-inclusive approach, we develop applicable, tailor-made solutions for organizations. Service excellence is receiving a follow-up phone call to ensure you are satisfied with your most recent encounter.

service excellence marketing excellence definition

That would reveal the cause of the disparity and prescribe the steps needed to change the situation. You can find about 80,000 words on how to do it in my book (with Professors Malcolm McDonald and Keith Ward) “Marketing and Finance”. Or you can do what my clients do and hire me to do it for you, which is rather easier and faster.

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