9 Legitimate Reasons to Call Out of Work

Your manager, team, and co-workers will appreciate your well-planned approach when you return to work rejuvenated and healthy. Whether you’re already back in the office or continue to work remotely, it’s best to call in sick and take some time off when you feel unwell. Below, we will cover some essential tips on how to call in sick professionally so you can take the time you need to recover. Many times you could be missing work for personal reasons. So you may not be comfortable sharing all the details with your manager. These may include family issues, health issues, or legal concerns.

Wrongful Discharge/Termination of Employment

If you feel that you have been wrongfully fired from a job or let go from an employment situation, you may wish to learn more about your state’s wrongful discharge laws.

Wrongful Discharge/Termination Laws

Wrongful termination or wrongful discharge laws vary from state to state.

Some states are “employment-at-will” states, which means that if there is no employment contract (or collective bargaining agreement), an employer can let an employee go for any reason, or no reason, with or without notice, as long as the discharge does not violate a law.

If you feel you have been wrongfully discharged or terminated from employment, you may:

Contact your state labor office for more information on wrongful termination laws in your state.

Seek legal counsel if your employer terminated you for any reason not covered under state or federal law.

You may also be eligible for unemployment compensation and extension of your health care benefits.

Employer Guidance for Discharge/Termination

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The employer also has the right to ask you to require a doctors note following a work related illness or injury. With such a high number of pet owners today, it’s likely that your manager also has a pet of some sort and will understand where you are coming from. Religious holidays work as long as you tell your boss a little in advance. Pick a believable reasons to call out of work holiday—it would be pretty odd to take off work for Rosh Hashanah if your boss knows you’re not Jewish, for example. Holidays don’t usually catch people by surprise, so mention it a day or 2 beforehand. If you’re “expecting” something valuable like furniture, an appliance, or a precious family heirloom, you’ll want to be home to receive it .

Wild but true excuses for missing work

These excuses are not bad in the “you’re just lazy”-kind of way, but they are so unbelievable that your boss probably won’t know how to react. Everyone will wake up at times and feel like they are tired. Some mornings going to work just seems the last thing you want to do. But you shouldn’t use tiredness as an excuse because many people will be showing up despite feeling the same.

  • It could be a sudden illness, injury from an accident, or another devastating event.
  • Medical appointments are a necessary part of everyones lives.
  • Some managers may regularly remind you of all that paid time off you’re building up, making sure you take your personal or vacation days each month.
  • You don’t want to start lying about a fever or head cold and come back to the office the next day looking, feeling and acting great.
  • You can reference your employee handbook or talk to a human resource representative and ensure you follow the laid-out policies.

If you don’t tell your boss the truth, be very careful about using social media. According to CareerBuilder’s survey, 43% of employers surveyed have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking their social media. Double-check your privacy settings so you are aware of who can see what you post. If you are sending it the day of an absence, send the email in the morning, before the official start time at your company.

Can you get fired for calling in sick?

If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t be a hero. Being sick is a perfectly valid excuse to call off work.

reasons to call out of work besides being sick

I have shifted my meetings and made arrangements with ‘co-worker name’ to cover the urgent ones. Please text me if something unavoidable comes up and requires my attention. As discussed on the phone, I will let you know if I feel better in the morning and can come in.

Crazy court cases/Outrageous accidents

If you work where you are able to sit down, explain that it is so bad, you need to be laying down. This is another excuse that makes your employer feel sympathetic, which is a fool-proof way to get out of work. You can keep this as vague or as detailed as you’d like.

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You can also send them a screenshot of public transit alerts or news articles to show them why you’re not there. For instance, personal days should be used however you want them, even if that means you’re going to the spa. But if it’s last minute, you need to have a good reason.

However, you definitely don’t want to start lying too much here or draw in your cousins to the lies – remember to have some honesty and believability for the excuse to be good. Good time and attendance software can track who will be at work and when, helping you schedule for adequate staffing and make sure that no employee is abusing company policy. In the end, Reznik accepted the excuse, and the employee returned to work after a few days. A few months later, he gave the same excuse, left, and never returned to work. If a pipe bursts or the roof begins to leak, for example, your employee needs to take care of it as soon as possible. Alarms can fail to chime for many reasons, and oversleeping long enough can cause some employees to take the day off instead.

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