25 High Paying Remote Jobs

Unlike the other remote roles listed above, some sales positions do require you to perform a moderate amount of travel. But most employers don’t mind you working from home so long as you meet your sales goals. It’s becoming more flexible and global, but that doesn’t mean that workers want to be paid any less. They are willing to put more time and focus into their positions as long as they are being adequately compensated. The jobs above are a great starting point if you’re one of those workers on the hunt for a position that gives you freedom, of both the geographic and financial variety. Then you can earn between $8 and $15 per hour as a customer service representative. If you have an eye for technology, maybe software engineering is good for you.

There are many reasons why work-from-home night jobs are so popular. If you are a digital nomad, you may want to travel and explore during the day and prefer to work in the late hours. Or maybe you are a night owl and find it easier to focus in the evening.

Is there a demand for my skills?

They often manage a client’s entire online presence, including their website, search engine rankings, blog, social media accounts and advertising strategy. This allows them to work remotely from any location that has internet access. Digital marketers learn scalable skills that they can apply to either small businesses or large corporations. Creative and ambitious people have a high potential for growth in this profession. Privacy officers ensure companies follow best privacy practices and procedures. Tasks can include performing audits to ensure privacy compliance, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling breaches and privacy issues.

highest paying jobs remote

Working through multiple channels, the objective is to increase the presence or awareness of a brand in a particular marketplace, whether that’s B2C, B2B or D2C. Helping businesses to make smart investments is the name of the game, aided by market analysis and possibly data science. Depending on the type of business, you may just need proven writing skills and excellent self-editing acumen. Automotive or aerospace companies often require an engineering degree. In order to deliver the most accurate service to customers, search engines pay individuals to analyze search results. You don’t need to have much experience for search jobs, and you can haul in $12 to $15 an hour.

Teacher & Tutor Jobs

This analyst role implements and maintains financial systems to keep them in good working order. Day-to-day duties include generating financial statement reports, updating system menus, onboarding new users, and troubleshooting. Bachelor’s degree in psychology, communications, graphic design, or computer science. Familiarity with Comscore and other media analytics software, along with strong negotiation and communication skills. Salary range will vary by state, city, job title, and experience level, of course, but according to ZipRecruiter, the average remote salaries ranged from $62,447 to $92,455 in July 2022. Our goal with this guide was to dispel the myth that you need to take a pay cut to work remotely. Now you know it’s 100% possible to earn a great living while doing what you love from home.

What is a low stress high-paying job?

According to data that FinanceBuzz compiled from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and the Occupational Information Network (O*NET), some low-stress jobs that typically yield a six-figure salary include mathematician, software developer, political scientist, physicist, chemical engineer, astronomer, and …

These 100% remote and fully-remote companies are always seeking virtual candidates. On the other hand, if you make customer support your full-time career, you could earn upwards of $60,000 in the right role. A lower starting salary shouldn’t deter you from applying for a remote position. In reality, these savings and the other benefits of working remotely may all even out. We’ll explain why your lack of virtual work shouldn’t prevent you from swapping your daily corporate grind for a remote role, why you may even bank more, and how to find the best positions. Some surprising jobs offer remote options, e.g. registered nurses who work as case managers or psychologists who do sessions over Zoom. However, jobs that require manual labor, like construction jobs, or an in-person presence, like retail clerk, still require workers to go to a physical location.

Data Entry, Coding, and Transcription Jobs

Copywriters create the text for marketing collateral like sales pages, email newsletters, blog articles, and social media posts. Their words help brands build loyal audiences and sell more products. They’re also hired by nonprofits and institutions, including museums, universities, and hospitals, to compose original material. If you work in tech, finance or certain health care professions, you may be able to parlay your skills into a remote job that offers a big paycheck, as well as the chance to work from home. In general, the more in-demand your skills, the better your chances of being able to negotiate a flexible schedule. Remote data scientists, web developers and other IT professionals often have flexibility. Over 110 million jobseekers have used ZipRecruiter’s powerful AI job matching technology to find their next position.

Rather, we’re referring to making the switch from an office job to a remote position for the first time. Cloud architects oversee cloud computing strategies for companies. Cloud application design, management and monitoring, and adoption plans are all part of this high-paying work-from-home job. Cloud architects need knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming languages, and cloud security. The rise in remote work has created amazing opportunities to earn a high salary while working from home, but not all remote jobs pay well or lead to long-lasting careers. If you’re looking for the top remote jobs that pay well, or wondering what remote jobs are in-demand… the list below will give you 10 great remote career choices.

The Best Paying Remote Jobs for 2022

They create captivating and conspiring visuals that send out an idea or information using design software. Marketing has always involved meeting and connecting with your audience to market goods and services. Digital marketing is simply a kind of marketing that exists online. The best way to show them this is by creating your freelance writing portfolio. Freelance writers need skills specific to writing, but there are also general skills that freelancers need to possess. Because a CSR is the first point of contact for a customer, they embody the company and have mastery over the company affairs.

  • If you work as a freelancer, you get to make your own rates and can thus earn even more, if you know how to sell your service right.
  • This allows them to work remotely from any location that has internet access.
  • I’ve heard about your mentioned PureVPN, but I personally use NordVPN, as it has thousands of servers all around the world.
  • Like virtual teachers, Speech Language Pathologists can use video communication technology to work with their clients from anywhere in the world.

If you are specialized in a popular field, experienced and skilled, you can charge around 250 USD per hour, according to Copyblogger. This is another fantastic work-from-home job for introverts. As a film or video editor, you usually get the raw material from your clients or the company you work for and discuss what needs to be done. All you need is a computer, software like Excel, SQL, SQL DBA Developer Resume Profile Columbus, Ohio We get IT done R, or python, and off you go. Being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like people. But while extroverts get their energy from being surrounded by others, introverts need some quiet time alone to recharge their batteries. In line with that, the high demands lead to high compensation given the fact that the world is now suffering from the shortcoming of IT specialists.

Software Developer – Median Salary: $114,000

You can use images, videos, and GIFS to create posters, flyers, and carousels. The beauty of Canva is that it doesn’t need prior knowledge of graphics design. Fully-remote positions continue to rise, and companies need qualified candidates with very specific skills to fill them. However, remote work experience 5 Essential Networking Commands isn’t always a mandatory requirement, as you’ll learn in today’s guide. Application developers create, program, test and maintain software apps for mobile devices, computers and web browsers. They often work independently or in small teams, allowing them to work remotely in many situations.

highest paying jobs remote

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