Difficulties faced in marketing Timeshare business


Thanks for sharing your positive experience with Club Mahindra but I think I am not that lucky. I clearly mentioned in the article that it was MY mistake so I am not blaming anyone else but myself. But my good sense prevailed and even after spending nearly 2 hours listening to their crap, I refused to listen further because I was disgusted by their poor sales talk.

The pros and cons of purchasing a timeshare should always be considered in a rational way before making a decision. It is important to consider your choice of lifestyle, as well as your financial condition and giving weight to the advantages and disadvantages. The purchase price will be easier to pay if it represents a substantial amount of your savings. The cost will also affect how you evaluate the pros and cons of other aspects of the investment. In either case, it is always wise to thoroughly research your decision.

They are really big cheater , while they offer you membership , do fake promises and commitment . Its very correct – Club Mahindra Holidays are a big cheat and fraud which people should avoid to fall in their trap. U can see the example of starling holiday resort..

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Investing in timeshare may not prove to be beneficial if there’re not enough mechanism to ensure you get what you should get. As per the comments received here most of their properties are excellent. Ashish, thanks for sharing your experience and alerting others and we regret for the inconvenience you faced. I am sorry, I am no position to help you in getting your refund. Try selling it on ebay or to someone else at a discount.

I may not be satisfied with your answers as I wrote it was MY mistake but I hope this will be helpful for the readers of this post. I think this article will help me allot for future(after marriage & kids) financial decisions. Sridhar yes you are right, only people who are members & who have used the service should comment. I fully sympathise with you for the bad experiences that you had at Kumbhalgarh & Sariska.


We have disadvantages of timeshare membership membership, only one year is used. Hemant Beniwal is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and his Company Ark Primary Advisors Pvt Ltd is registered as an Investment Adviser with SEBI. “The Financial Literates” is a dream & mission to make Indians Financial Literate.

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Ok I am a https://1investing.in/ Red Season holder since last 5 years. They gave me RCI membership exchange as offer for 2 years validity. I exchanged my 2 weeks holidays with RCI and travelled for 2 weeks to florida where they put me to experience 2 different resorts in each week, an experience which we will never forget our life. Whenever we want a holiday they always assisted their best to accommodate us, preference is given to members during peak season, and not to our relatives/ friends who are guest.

Timeshare: What It Is, How It Works, Types of Ownership – Investopedia

Timeshare: What It Is, How It Works, Types of Ownership.

Posted: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 20:32:24 GMT [source]

I like to travel with my family during peak season and ‘touchwood’ have always had a great time at their resorts. Its just that you have to be wise while booking your holidays. I usually book on the day the booking opens and block 2 multi-day slots. Then later, I cancel one of them as I finalize the dates for travel. There is no penalty for cancellation until 15days before travel. You can also combine your days from one year and carry them forward up to three years, so you can take a 14 or 21-day holiday combined instead of one week every year if you like.

At the end of the holiday u will just say “i dont find the resort impressive” and walk off….. Yes I will because as a customer I do not find it worth enough to invest (read “trap”) my money for 25 years. Current members like me are having a tough time to get accommodation on desired dates even after paying a hefty membership and each year additional annual subscription fees. If CM feels it can’t give something under “no obligation”, it should stop tricking people that they have won a free holiday voucher. I just happen to land on this page while searching for some info about the club mahindra resort.

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But I can assure you, you can have a lovely holiday for 25K with good resorts in India even today, not only me even most of the readers will agree this who knows the value of money. Your calculations of a decent holiday for 1 week at 35k hold valid at today’s rate. But have you factored inflation in the cost of your holidays for next 25 years? It will become 38.5 k, 42k in year 2 and 3, above Rs. 1 lakh from 13th year onwards and approx Rs. 3.5 Lakhs in 25th yea (all calculations at 10% inflation). Factoring inflation, the principal amount will get exhausted by 8th year itself.

  • They want us to plan ahead of 6 months … but in todays’ fast paced life, you can’t plan so much in advance, even railway/airlines tickets don’t open up that advance.
  • I thank my dad who put his experience in my head to cancel the membership.
  • Amit Sidham is an employee of Club Mahindra Holidays, don’t consider his comments.
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Amidst the uncertainties and chaos unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic on India and around the world, you stopped yourself from making any expensive purchases. You even pushed all thoughts of travelling ever again out of your mind. Since I never took such membership I an not sure how you can come out of it.

These interests are not appraised simply as a fraction of the value of the entire business entity or holding company

2) If you can plan your holidays atleast 2 month in advance. Why cant we all Mahindra Club Members who all are suffering rather than getting relaxed on so called holidays come together and get rid of this headack once and for all.. Rather than fighting single we can fight collectivly for our right. With so many disgruntled voices, Is there any authority in the country under which such holiday schemes come under. It is a very sorry state that members loose lakhs of rupees and all they can do is write on some forum.

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Most imp, is CM feels they are doing a “trap” business, once a customer is caught in their net, no going away for the next 25 years. I am also victim of Club Mahindra Membership, you only endup paying money in name of membership and maintenance, difficult to find room aligning corporate working and school holidays. This might be good for rich business class who not able to build their own resort due to XYZ reason.

I don’t have the background to comment about the ratio of rooms to memberships but if there is a case that they are selling too many then definitely the organization is answerable. Thanks for the well analysed and eye-opening article “Club Mahindra Membership is my biggest Financial Mistake”. Now that I have got the ans, thanks to you, I am more aware and so will be many of my near and dear ones.

The time to decide to a timeshare is not at a excessive pressure providing whereas on trip. Do your research, pick the company you want greatest, stay at their resort and go to their gross sales presentation. Our timeshare firm was from the start no pressure. If they say it is a restricted time offer, know that they’ve extra units on the drafting board able to go when yours is bought.The best way to buy a timeshare is to be an knowledgeable purchaser. You are the one who must research resorts and discover out who has units for sale. Dvc you get points somewhat than a particular week, Which works nicely for us as a result of we wish to go on vacation totally different times of the yr.

Please please don’t ever do this mistake to buy their membership. You can take the RCI membership in particular limited countries but you need to have passport of which country you are residing.. Club Mahindra again proved itself when it came to ‘Baby-food.’ We had not started giving our daughter regular food at that time. We were giving her only non spicy and easy to digest food.

An increasing number of families are changing the way they holiday and finding new delight in vacation ownership, especially with the advantages it offers. Take Aarti and Rahul Bhalla, for example, a typical urban family with high pressure jobs and high expectations. “Club Mahindra Membership has actually changed the way we holiday”, says Rahul, a bank executive.

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